Our Impact

Kusain, Isingiro

Kusain, an Imam and Halal butcher in Isingiro town, has invested heavily over the years in property, livestock, and rental properties. He reached a point where managing his multiple businesses became too cumbersome even though investing further might produce a high return.

Instead, he opened a Target Savings Account with UGAFODE Microfinance Limited (MDI) where he maintains a sum of money in case his other businesses fail and to save for his next big investment.

Imam, Kalerwe Market

Imam, a second-hand clothing shop owner in Kalerwe market Kampala, believes that hard work is the way to advance in life. He wants the money he deposits with UGAFODE Microfinance Limited (MDI) to be used as loans for hardworking individuals like himself in his community because he knows it will make an impact. The loans, he says, could even support a child who might one day become the president of this country.