Smart Woman Loan

The loan product targets individual women entrepreneurs and women’s groups who are engaged in micro-businesses both in rural and urban areas. The businesses could be in any of the following sectors: trade and commercetransporteducationsmall-scale processingart and craftshealthtourism, and agriculture.

The women customers will be able to access loans ranging from a minimum of UGX 100,000 to a maximum of UGX 29,900,000.

The repayment period is between one and 24 months, and this loan has no grace period.

To qualify for the Smart Woman Loan, one should meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years and above
  • Have a savings account at UGAFODE
  • Have an ongoing business with at least six months in operation
  • Have a strong business cash flow
  • Good credit history
  • Copy of Trading License
  • Copy of National ID Card
  • CRB Financial System Card number
  • Business Registration document
  • Bye-laws/Constitution for the case of Groups, Associations, and or Clubs
  • LC1 Chairperson’s introduction letter
  • Security in the form of collateral with a Loan Security Margin of at least 150%
  • Two (2) guarantors


Mode of payment

The mode of payment is flexible and aligned with the cash flow of the business, it could be:

  • bullet payments for short-term loans with principal amounts of UGX 100,000 to UGX 5 Million
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payments for businesses with regular cash flows
  • Quarterly and tri-annual for Agribusinesses


Security requirements

Acceptable collateral types are:

  • Registered land with a land title certificate
  • Unregistered land (Kibanja) with the original purchase agreement
  • Logbooks for automobiles including motor vehicles, motorcycles both 2 and 3-wheelers, motor boats, and registered heavy-duty mobile power-generating sets
  • Chattel mortgage on the household property and or assets
  • Chattel mortgage on business assets including equipment, machinery, and furniture
  • Chattel mortgage on business stock and or inventory
  • Mandatory savings deposits with a value equivalent to 10% of the principal loan amount
  • Collateral Coverage Ratio(CCR) of at least 100%
  • Two (2) personal Guarantors for individual borrowers
  • Group guarantee for joint and several liabilities for a member of a Women’s Group borrowing as an entity.