Ordinary Savings Account

Having money saved for emergencies is always a wise move, what if you lost your crops to flooding or fire? You would definitely need your savings to survive. What if someone broke into your house and stole your belongings? Your savings could help you recover items that you need.
Without savings, how will you pay for hospital fees if someone in your family suddenly falls sick or injures themselves? Emergencies happen to everyone – best to protect yourself by saving in an account like the OSA account.
Household expenses are also another reason to use this flexible account. It’s a great place to put your money and use when needed for food, clothing, bills and any other expenses you may have.
And finally the OSA is good for keeping money for transport costs. Bodabodas aren’t cheap, so saving for transport costs can be essential for some people’s regular household or business activities. Better yet you could use this account to save for your own motorcycle and you’d never need to spend money on a bodaboda again.