UGAFODE Microfinance Limited (MDI) is a registered financial institution in Uganda and is adherent to the Central Bank’s regulations and guidelines. For more information, please visit us at any of our branches or contact us using the information below

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[basix_icon_text icon=”FontAwesome-envelope-o” icon_size=”18″ icon_position=”title-left” heading=”Email us directly” align=”left”]We will try to get back to you within 24 hours.
admin at[/basix_icon_text]
[basix_icon_text icon=”FontAwesome-map-marker” icon_size=”18″ icon_position=”title-left” heading=”Write to us” align=”left”]Plot 62,SILVA ARCADE, Bombo Road
P.O. Box 30815, Kampala
Tel: +256-414-257181 +256-414-235778
Fax: +256-414-257182[/basix_icon_text]
[basix_icon_text icon=”FontAwesome-phone” icon_size=”18″ icon_position=”title-left” heading=”Call our Sales Line” align=”left”]Our team is ready to assist you.
Head office Tel: +256-414-257181 +256-414-235778
Toll free line (0800 223 900)


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